Horror in Virginia ...

ـ با شنيدن خبر٬ از صبح ترس مرگباری بر دانشگاه حاکم است. من جدا نگران سلامتی معدود آشنايانم در دانشگاه ويرجينيا هستم ..

شهری است پر از کرشمه و خوبان ز شش جهت !‌ .

Dear Graduate Student,

Yesterday's tragic events at Virginia Tech have shocked and saddened
us all.  We're beginning to learn about students here at Stanford who
are affected personally, either directly or indirectly.  Even if you
are not personally affected, you may be having a hard time processing
what occurred.

We hope you'll contact us if you need support and that you'll
encourage friends who are impacted to seek support as well.  Our
colleagues at Counseling and Psychological Services, 723-3785,  and
the Office for Religious Life, 723-1762, are also great resources.

Associate Dean and Director     
Graduate Life Office                   

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